Former White House Staffer Is Encouraging Christians to Get Involved in Politics to Change America’s Course of Direction In New Book

Lake Mary, Fla.—In her new book, Running Into the Fire: Why More Christians Need To Be Involved In Politics (FrontLine, ISBN-13: 978-1-63641-167-5), former White House Office of Public Liaison (now the Office of Public Engagement) Staff Member Terri Hasdorff is encouraging Christians to get involved in politics to see America change its course of direction from the country’s current trajectory, which is pulling the nation further and further away from good, practical, and principled policies.


“You and I do not have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines, watching the fires of the political process and our democracy burn out of control,” Hasdorff writes. “As Christians we are called to run into that fire, armed not with axes, bulldozers, and chainsaws, but with our votes, our wallets, our influence, and above all, the Spirit of God. The front lines of democracy need us.”


Hasdorff explains that Christians cannot sit back in complacency in the political arena because they are the only ones who can truly do good for the whole of our nation, from local to national levels. She is deeply concerned about the state of our nation as the economy shakes, socialistic ideals grow to become the standard, and corruption runs rampant in all facets of life. As Christians are called to be the light to the world, Hasdorff believes this light is needed in the government of our nation now more than ever.


She packs Running Into the Fire with key insights for how the everyday person can approach issues like voting, political donations, how to research political candidates, and even how to enter a political race if you feel called to serve in the public sector.


“We must be educated regarding what the Bible says about our involvement in government and then train and support others who want to make a difference,” Hasdorff writes.


After graduating from Samford University in Birmingham and inspired by the Reagan Revolution, Hasdorff started in the White House Office of Public Liaison (now the Office of Public Engagement) where she worked with faith leaders from across the country. She went on to serve on Capitol Hill, where her most meaningful assignments focused on two things – cleaning up the swamp and keeping Big Government and Washington, D.C. elites from discriminating against faith-based organizations on the front lines of fighting poverty.


Hasdorff’s first job on Capitol Hill was joining Speaker Newt Gingrich and the senior leadership team of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the U.S. House of Representatives, to reform the broken and often unaccountable financial systems and taxpayer-funded operations of Congress. While on Capitol Hill, she also worked to advance conservative policies on such key issues as immigration, veterans rights, healthcare reform, and children and family issues.


After fighting for conservative reforms on Capitol Hill, Hasdorff returned to Alabama to build the first Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives for the Governor of Alabama. She worked to bring resources to nonprofits and faith-based organizations across the state. Hasdorff then served as the Director of the USAID Center for Faith-Based & Community Initiatives (Bush-43), where she headed up America’s efforts to empower the world’s poorest people through partnering with grassroots poverty fighters. As Hasdorff continues to fearlessly champion the freedom of speech and religion, her new book shares practical ways readers can affect change starting now.


“So, rise up! Your country needs you. Fortune favors the bold, but more importantly, God honors and exalts His faithful ones,” Hasdorff writes.


Running Into the Fire published by FrontLine, an imprint of Charisma House, releases September 6, 2022, and can be found online at and wherever books are sold.


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Running Into the Fire, published by Charisma House, will release on September 6, 2022 and is available on or wherever Christian books are sold.






Terri Hasdorff is a former congressional candidate and an executive-level leader with over twenty years’ experience in government and politics. She began her career in what is now called the White House Office of Public Engagement, working with faith leaders from across the country. She then served on Capitol Hill for six years, eventually returning to her home state of Alabama to run for a seat in the U.S. House or Representatives. She has a bachelor’s degree from Samford University, is a graduate of the senior executive’s program at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and is currently a member of the executive MBA program at Oxford University.




Title: Running Into the Fire: Why More Christians Need to be Involved in Politics | Retail: US $19.99 | Release Date: September 6, 2022 | ISBN-13: 978-1-63641-167-5 | E-Book ISBN: 978-1-63641-168-2 | Binding: Trade Paper | Size: 5.5” x 8.25” x .52” | Page Count: 208 | Hometown: Montgomery, AL | BISAC Category: RELIGION/ Religion, Politics & State, RELIGION / Christian Living / Social Issues, RELIGION / Christian Living / General


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