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Running Into the Fire Book

After reading this book, I will have the keys I need to be a vibrant participant of the political system to see laws and policies passed that will positively affect generations for God’s purposes.

We are the answer to America’s Growing Darkness.

In Running Into the Fire, Terri Hasdorff draws from her more than twenty years in politics to show people of faith like you how to effectively influence the government and push back against the liberal socialist agenda.

From revealing how super PACs and massive marketing machines are getting unqualified and corrupt candidates elected to how campaign donations are being squandered. Hasdorff offers a behind-the-curtains look at the root of corruption in America’s election process. But more than being a Beltway exposé, this book gives clear-cut direction for how people of faith can get involved in politics, whether they are soccer moms with limited resources or multimillionaires capable of making sizable campaign contributions.

Not only does Hasdorff share advice for finding and supporting honest candidates and genuine campaign needs, but she also reveals:

  • How to make a difference as an average citizen
  • Inside secrets if you choose to run for political office
  • How to give contributions in the most effective way

All is not lost. The faithful really can make a difference in their communities and the nation, but they must get involved in politics. You have the power to restore what is beautiful in the land.

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