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RIF 3 | Christian Politics

Interview With Alex McFarland

  Christians cannot afford to be passive spectators in the political arena. With our voices and our votes, we must stand up for biblical truth and defend our nation before
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RIF 2 | Political Campaigns

How Christians Can Actively Participate In Political Campaigns With Tenessa Audette

  A lot of Christians refuse to support political campaigns. Most of them see politicians as less deserving of financial aid than charitable institutions. But supporting the right candidate may
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RIF 1 | Running Into The Fire

RUNNING INTO THE FIRE – Why More Christians Need To Be Involved In Politics With Dr. Frank Wright

  Many in the Christian community strongly feel that Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics. But isn’t that a failure to understand the first principle that God is sovereign over
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Former White House Staffer Is Encouraging Christians to Get Involved in Politics to Change America’s Course of Direction In New Book

Lake Mary, Fla.—In her new book, Running Into the Fire: Why More Christians Need To Be Involved In Politics (FrontLine, ISBN-13: 978-1-63641-167-5), former White House Office of Public Liaison (now
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